• 2013 Lotus Esprit Concept

    So what, exactly, is Bob Lutz doing pontificating on the probabilities of Proton-owned Lotus' likelihood of success? He's an member of the senior advisory board, invited by new CEO Dany Bahar. And he's guesstimating a 60 percent chance of success for Lotus' new model line and product direction. We're not sure where Lutz gets his numbers from, but we're guessing it's traditional Lutzian gut instinct. His gut has proven a reliable companion over the years, so we're inclined to believe him. But we're still a bit perturbed at the company's metamorphosis. Lutz says his 60-percent rating is a...

  • 2015 Lotus Eterne live photos
    2010 Paris Auto Show: 2015 Lotus Eterne Live Photos

    Even Lotus couldn’t resist from entering the burgeoning four-door coupe market, revealing today a production intent concept set to go on sale around the middle of the decade. The concept is the new 2015 Lotus Eterne; a true four door, four seater sports GT. In fact, Lotus is quick to point...

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