2012 Lotus Exige S

  • 2012 Lotus Exige S live photos

    Lotus is in ten kinds of disarray at the moment, with CEO Dany Bahar recently canned, owners DRB-Hicom revising the upcoming product plan, and even some speculation over a potential buyout by Volkswagen. But despite all of that, business continues, with the first Exige S production car rolling off the assembly line today. First unveiled back at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Exige S is a 2,380-pound, performance-focused, 345-horsepower, supercharged beastie. Using the force-fed V-6 from the Evora S, the Exige S follows the traditional hotrod Britcar route: big engine, little car. Well, a...

  • 2012 Lotus Exige S live photos
    Lotus Explains Its Track-Focused Exige S: Video

    Lotus revealed its sharp-edged Exige S coupe at last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, and since then has occasionally teased the car in videos. Now the Hethel-based automaker is doing a full-court-press video release on the car, covering both its design and testing. The recipe for the Exige S is...

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