Ferrari may be working on a new model inspired by its 499P LMH race car that claimed the overall win at the 2023 24 Hours of Le Mans in June.

CarBuzz has discovered that Ferrari has made moves to secure the names 499 GTB, 499 GTS, 499 Speciale, and 499P Modificata with a trademark office in Italy.

Applications for each of the trademarks were filed by Ferrari earlier in July.

The first three names hint at road cars inspired by the 499P, while the fourth hints at a track car potentially based on the Le Mans winner.

GTB stands for “Gran Turismo Berlinetta” and is sometimes used by Ferrari for coupe models. Similarly, GTS stands for “Gran Turismo Spider” and is sometimes used by the automaker for convertibles, while Speciale is sometimes used by Ferrari for hardcore models, like the 458 Speciale.

2023 Ferrari 499P LMH race car

2023 Ferrari 499P LMH race car

The 499P Modificata name hints at something along the lines of 2020's 488 GT Modificata, a track car closely related to the 488 GT3 and 488 GTE race cars.

Previous Ferrari road cars have been named after race cars that were completely unrelated, meaning these latest names could be used for cars sharing little in common with the 499P. The most recent is the SF90 Stradale, which was named after Ferrari's SF90 2019 Formula 1 race car.

Automakers also have a habit of trademarking names simply to protect intellectual property, whether they plan to use the names or not. Trademarking a name at least gives an automaker the option should it choose to use the name the down the road.

CarBuzz also dug up several additional Ferrari name trademark filings, and at least one of them may be used for the successor to the LaFerrari. These additional names include F80, Drake, La Rossa, 12 Cilindri, 6 Cilindri, 296 Mugello, Milano, Montecarlo, Dolcevita, and 500 Testarossa.

Of these, F80 is likely the best fit for a LaFerrari successor. Ferrari's flagship range has already included the F40 and F50. The automaker has also launched the F60 America in the past, and the LaFerrari was code-named the F70 early in its development, later changing to F150 as production neared.