Less than 48 hours after increasing prices Rivian's admitting it messed up.

On Thursday, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe wrote a letter to the world apologizing. The executive said the company "broke the trust" it worked to build with customers in the way it went about announcing and implementing the price increases. He also said the company would honor prices for customers that had configured preorders as of March 1. However, the price increases stay in effect for anyone who ordered after March 1.

"We wrongly decided to make these changes apply to all future deliveries, including pre-existing configured preorders," Scaringe said. He noted the company "failed to to appreciate" how customers viewed their configurations and pricing.

The executive also acknowledged the company "wrongly assumed" the newly announced dual-motor models and standard battery pack, which came in at about the same price as the original quad-motor and "Large" battery pack, would provide satisfactory price points similar to the original configurations. "While this was the logic, it was wrong and be broke your trust in Rivian," Scaringe said.

Scaringe admitted the company didn't manage the communications well, nor did it provide enough insight into what was driving business decisions.

Effective immediately, Scaringe said anyone with a Rivian pre-rder as of March 1 will get the original configured price honored. Anyone that canceled their preorder on or after March 1 that would like to reinstate it will have their order restored with the original configuration for the original pricing and delivery time. Emails will be sent to preorder customers in the coming days.