Lucid Motors has hinted that its Air electric luxury sedan will be followed by an SUV, and now that SUV has been spotted testing on public roads. The new model broke cover at roughly the same time that Lucid made a bold claim for the Air.

The unnamed Lucid SUV was photographed on public roads by Twitter user Coast Redwoods on Friday. This second model is expected sometime after the start of Air deliveries, which are scheduled to begin in spring 2021.

The automaker's big claim came Wednesday, when Lucid announced the Air will be the fastest-charging electric car, with the ability to recover 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes. That equates to 20 miles of range per minute of charging.

That means the Air will require shorter stops to charge than the Tesla Model S or Porsche Taycan—or anything else currently on sale. The Air will also likely require fewer stops. Last week, Lucid quoted a 517-mile range from an independently run test.

Getting that charge rate will require a 350-kilowatt Combined Charging Standard (CCS) fast-charging station. These powerful stations are relatively rare in the United States, although most are part of the Electrify America network, which Lucid has partnered with in lieu of building its own charging network, Tesla-style. 

Lucid credited multiple factors for the high charge rate, including the Air's 900+ volt electrical architecture (which reduces thermal losses), a sophisticated thermal management system, and custom battery cells (supplied by LG Chem) for most models.

On slower Level 2 AC charging, the Air will be able to recover up to 80 miles of range per hour, according to Lucid.

In addition to speed, Lucid also built more flexibility into its charging system. The Air will be able to automatically boost voltage to allow the fastest-possible charging speed, according to the automaker. Both the Air and the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station will also be equipped for bidirectional charging, allowing the car to discharge power back into the grid. This will allow the Air to be used as an emergency home power source, or for off-grid vacation sites, according to Lucid.

The production-ready Air will be unveiled online September 9.