Sony last summer revealed its highly anticipated PlayStation 5 gaming console and among the first titles announced for the new machine was “Gran Turismo 7.”

The newest instalment was meant to launch in 2021 but the coronavirus resulted in delays. A new trailer released on Thursday provides new footage from the game and confirms the launch for March 4, 2022.

The “Gran Turismo” series of racing simulators is among the best in the business, with gamers and professional racers alike praising it for its realistic graphics and physics models, plus its vast collection of cars.

That collection gets even bigger with the newest instalment which features a number of the so-called Gran Turismo Vision concepts designed in recent years by most major automakers, as well as 2019's Porsche 919 tribute concept. Naturally, there's also a sprinkling of various R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R models.

Sony has been tight-lipped on the new game which has been developed by Polyphony Digital, the creator of the series. The trailer provides some clues, though. There appears to be retro elements like some of the game menus, as well as options like Tuning Parts, Used Cars, Missions, and Special Events, plus the GT Cafe, GT Auto, and GT World. We also expect the Trial Mountain circuit to return.