In July, we reported on a father-and-son team building their own Lamborghini Aventador using a custom tubular steel chassis, 3D-printed body panels, and parts sourced from a whole host of cars.

It seems Lamborghini received the news because the automaker, rather than frowning on the endeavor, treated Sterling Backus and son Xander with time behind the wheel of a real Aventador for Christmas.

However, rather than just show up at the Backus residence in Erie, Colorado, with the Aventador, Lamborghini decided to have some fun by swapping the real Aventador with the replica in the dead of night. The next morning, Xander had an experience we're sure most kids—and adults, too—would love to recount.

Xander originally fell in love with the Aventador while playing the video game “Forza Horizon 3.” He asked his dad, a physicist, if he could build one, and close to two years later the car looks to be at an advanced stage.

The build isn't complete, but Backus snr. reckons the project will cost close to $30,000 when all is said and done. That may be the price of a nice new car, but he and his son will have plenty of priceless memories, too.