The Taj Mahal may not be one of the seven wonders of the world, but the Taj Ma Garaj may be one of the wonders of automotive enthusiasm. 

This Porsche collection is the envy of every Forza or Gran Turismo player's personal P-car collection. Behold this checklist of bespoke Stuttgart stand-outs, and take a moment to reflect in the current state of the used Porsche market. There, dear readers, lies despair. 

Don't let the location fool you. While all of these sought-after Porsches may be located in Dayton, Ohio (home of the Air Force Museum!), they're nonetheless desirable vehicles for anybody with a fetish for German automobilia. As an added bonus, the entire list is offered without reserve.

According to RM Sotheby's, the auction house charged with selling the collection, there's more to it than just cars. 

"The Collection, to be offered in a single-day sale on 28 September onsite in Dayton, Ohio, features more than 30 motor cars alongside more than 350 lots of memorabilia and collectibles," the listing says

The collection has been open to the public for years as part of a banquet facility, allowing enthusiasts access to multiple bespoke and unique models which were once exclusive to private guests. John Dixon, who curated the gallery, hosted events for enthusiasts, sharing his passion with thousands of fans over the years.