In 2014, the legendary Italian design house Stile Bertone filed for bankruptcy protection. An action to be held on Nov. 17 will mark fans' last official chance to own a piece of the iconic Italian firm.

Aste Bolaffi has put together one final collection of goodies from Stile Bertone for auction, and there's a wide variety of things for every budget. More than 240 lots will go up for bid. Items range from photography to signage to clay models and even to a handful of cars with Bertone influence. 

The cars aren't actually from Stile Bertone's collection, however. Those cars were set for auction this past May, but in the final hour before the sale, Italian authorities intervened. The Bertone collection is considered a national treasure of sorts and was ordered to remain in the country. Naturally, this scared off many of the buyers. The cars must also all stay together as one single collection. The group of vehicles includes the Lancia Stratos Zero and the Lamborghini Marzal.

Bertone sign for sale at auction

Bertone sign for sale at auction

Still, plenty of other items up for grabs also hold plenty of significance. The wheels from Bertone showcars, wood and resin styling models for prototype cars, and even rare-to-find spare parts are all included in the auction. One of the largest items—literally—is the "Bertone" sign that once hung above the company's building in Grugliasco. Signs from other Bertone properties will also cross the auction block.

Prices for the memorabillia vary, but some items will have a starting bid as low as 100 Euros ($114) for posters and other artwork, ranging up to 90,000 Euros ($102,000) for a 1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Bertone.

Those interested in registering to bid on items can head to this link to browse the vast collection of items that will find new, and hopefully deserving, homes.