The Volvo commercial vehicles unit has returned with another cheeky advertisement, and this time, Dolph Lundgren is ready to whip some excavators into shape.

Lundgren, best known as Soviet boxer Ivan Drago from "Rocky IV," was cast to play a tough drill instructor of sorts. His victims are a group of Volvo's latest excavators, and the entire training session unfolds to the tune of 1989's "Pump Up the Jam."

Once again, the advertising department behind the last five years' worth of banner Volvo construction and commercial vehicle ads has done very well. The concept is clever and good for a few chuckles. No one here at Motor Authority is in the market for a Volvo excavator, but the ad kept us engaged until the end. And that's what advertisers like to hear.

Lundgren puts the excavators through their paces and a series of "workouts" that would demand an incredible amount of strength from the fittest and capable human beings. It's easy to draw parallels between the strength tests performed and how the Volvo excavators handle themselves. Tests included pulling an 11-ton concrete block with Lundgren standing atop it, and even pull-ups for the excavators. The operators handling some of the theatrics inside the excavators should also be commended.

Volvo's winning streak of ads started in 2013 with a viral video that starred Jean-Claude Van Damme. The ad showed off Volvo Dynamic Steering for the company's commercial trucks, which had Van Damme performing a pretty wild stunt.

Is Lundgren's performance as memorable? Perhaps, but it's hard to top the Van Damme ad. We wonder what will be next.