London is a congested city that takes emissions and noise violations rather seriously. It's rather pricey to drive a gas-guzzling machine into town there. Now it's even more restrictive as certain roads are set to become available only to low-emission vehicles. Moor Lane in London is the first such roadway to be declared low-emission only.

Moor Lane runs through the heart of London's financial district. There's a fancy residential tower that looks down on the road below and that thoroughfare is now set to run a bit cleaner. Only automobiles tagged us ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV) will be allowed to drive down Moor Lane. Currently, this is just a trial and the city is still working out all the rules. For example, will the road remain ULEV-only all week look or just Monday to Friday? Those rules are still being plotted.

The trial run serves as a means to figure out how to implement this low-emission-only zone on a wider scale. A street will become a neighborhood will become an entire city. That will take time, but this test run on Moor Lane will provide the initial information on how to make it all happen.

For those of you with gas-guzzling, pollution spilling vehicles, you'll need to plan your route accordingly. There will be no more Shelby GT350 or Corvettes roaming all around Moor Lane. That might be a problem for any car overs residing in that fancy residential tower on the street, but we imagine that if they live there and are enthusiasts of the V-8, they likely have to exercise their machines far outside of London's cozy confines.

This trial run starts the process of a more ambitious plan focused on creating an entire square mile of zero-mission zones by the year 2022. Additionally, there could be different parking rates for vehicles based on their emissions rating. For those of us with a healthy hankering for entertaining internal combustion engines, our beloved machines are becoming welcomed less and less in major metropolitan areas.