With drag racing, there's always going to be winners and losers. It's a simple matter of getting to the finish line first and doing so by traveling in a straight line. One of the fastest ways to win a drag race, outside of an NHRA Top Fuel event, is with a race-ready sport bike.

This remains true even if your competition includes a 2019 Aston Martin Vantage, Lotus Evora GT430, Tesla Model S EPCS race car, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Formula 1 race car, a private passenger jet, and a fighter jet. That's a heady lineup, yet the Kawasaki H2R and its 326-horsepower engine make short work of the entire group.

It's quite clear that the F1 race car is fighting for traction. There's little grip to be found on this damp, dusty airstrip and the Red Bull racer never seems to put down all of its power until the latter half of the race. That's where it begins to pull ahead of the surprisingly quick Tesla Model S race car

The passenger jet makes its slow departure down the runway while the fighter just does so with a bit more gusto. Still, it's the land-based vehicles that blast off the line a bit more quickly. Until, that is, the fighter jet gets on full boil and heads for the sky.

This drag race is a promotional stunt for a new airport in Turkey. Our attention is grabbed, and all it took was a seven-way drag race between a range of vehicles. Next time though, do it on a drier surface so the F1 car can run with full grip levels. We'd love to see how the H2R sport bike really does against the likes of a top-tier F1 race car. The jets will never win on the ground and regular sports cars don't stand a chance against the racing vehicles.

Still...that Model S was pretty dang fast, right?