Want to rent a house in Michigan for the weekend? No problem, go to AirBnB and in a few clicks can have you in a lovely cottage on a lake. Looking to find a professional racing coach to sit right-seat during a track day or to help with launch timing at the dragstrip? A new website called MotorsportsCoach.com is launching to help connect professional racing coaches with enthusiasts seeking their help and expertise.

The idea was created by racing driver and performance driving coach Nick McMillen to make coaches more accessible to enthusiasts.

Interested drivers sign up for the website for free—the only cost for the consumer is the credit card processing fee should they hire a coach—to search for and book coaches around the world. Coaches come from a from a variety of backgrounds and offer a range of expertise, from autocross and karting to motocross and simulators. Coaches can even review videos of track drives to critique drivers' technique.


Coaches create a profile, lay out coaching packages, pricing, location, and availability. MotorsportsCoach charges a fee of $30 per month, $75 per quarter, or $250 per year for coaches' profiles as McMillen views his platform as marketing for coaches, and the site can handle payments and scheduling.

Enthusiasts won't get inexperienced coaches thanks to the MotorsportsCoach process. McMillen, a former PlayStation GT Academy competitor, told Motor Authority, “We vet each coach application individually, and look for experience and any type of certification and or racing license in and around coaching along with racing.”

Enthusiast profiles are not vetted and anyone can sign up. "We want coaches available to anyone and everyone, whether just starting out and doing first their first track day or competing in Porsche GT3 Cup or Ferrari Challenge," McMillen said.

Like most private instruction programs, the client typically provides the car and sources the venue, but many coaches do have cars and/or tracks available for use, according to McMillen. The cars and tracks to be used do not go through MotorsportsCoach. The site is only there to connect instructors with students.

Just like AirBnB can find you a place to sleep, MotorsportsCoach.com can now help you find a professional driving coach.