Porsche perfectly played with our emotions last year when it rolled out its Top 5 video series. The clips focused on a given subject and plucked out five Porsche models that best covered that subject, and these models spanned Porsche history. Now the automaker is back with a fresh Top 5 clip, and this time the focus is on the lightest models it's ever built.

First up is the iconic 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Sport. You know it immediately by way of its lovely ducktail that sits out over the tail. Porsche built two RS variants. There's the Touring and the Sport, and it's the Sport that gets the lightness nod here. It drops the curb weight by 100 kg compared to the Touring, which means the Sport sits at 975 kg. That translates to just under 2,150 pounds. Part of the additional lightness was found with the use of Recaro front buckets and by ditching the rear seats. Porsche also chucked the clock, the passenger sun visor, the door arms, and any trays. That's commitment.

Next up is the alien hotrod spaceship that is the Porsche 906 Carrera 6. This particular model actually served as a camera car for a German television station. The body is constructed from fiberglass, and the "passenger" is a front-facing camera used to capture motorsport action. When empty, the 906 weighs a scant 1,488 pounds.

Car number three is the Porsche 356 SL, and you might be able to figure out that SL stands for Sport Light. This is the first class-winning Porsche run at Le Mans back in 1951. Porsche took its roadster and turned it into a coupe then went racing. The body is hammered out of aluminum, and the 356 SL tips the scales at just 1,410 pounds.

The 718 Boxster... is not on this list. But another 718 is, and it arrives as the Porsche 718 Formel 2. Porsche built this open-wheel Formula 2 racing machine in 1959 and 1960, and packed in a 150-horsepower engine behind the cockpit. That means with a 1,005-pound listed weight, that 150 hp doesn't have a lot of mass to move. This thing was fast, and it kicked a lot of tail in competition.

Finally, Porsche went all in on lightness with its 909 Bergspyder. It's basically a plastic body skin, aluminum frame, and an engine. That engine produced 275 hp and helped rocket the Bergspyder up any hillclimb event it entered. How light was the 909? Try 847 pounds. This truly was one of the earliest hill climb monsters of the day and deserves its place at number one on this fantastic list.