In 1948, the first road-going sports car from Porsche was registered: the 356. Now, 70 years later, the storied German automaker has looked back on its history and announced plans for numerous celebrations across the globe. 

Although Ferry Porsche turned the Porsche sports car into a reality, Ferdinand Porsche, Ferry's father, first ignited the dream. Ferdinand developed numerous automotive advances long before the 356 came to fruition. In 1900, he built an electric car with a wheel hub drive and developed the world's first hybrid powertrain that married an electric and gasoline powertrain. The elder Porsche was also responsible for a little people's car called the Beetle. And in 1939, he showcased the "Berlin-Rome Car," which became the first sports car concept from Porsche. His son picked up the work and brought his father's dreams to reality less than 10 years later.

As iconic as the 356 is, the Porsche 911 is arguably what put the marque on the map. Ferry Porsche's son, Ferdinand Alexander, penned the 911's design and the first example entered production in 1963. Decades later, Porsche has built over one million 911s in Zuffenhausen, Germany.

To mark the brand's anniversary, numerous events will take place this year. To start, "The Porsche Effect" exhibit will open at The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Later this year, on June 9, Porsche will invite fans to its “Sports Car Together Day” at many of its sites around the world, including in Los Angeles and Atlanta in the United States. The Rennsport Reunion VI vintage races in California will also honor the anniversary on September 27-30.