Ferraris are often associated with pure driving pleasure, but that doesn't mean technology can't help refine things further. Intel and Ferrari announced a three-year partnership at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show to implement artificial intelligence (AI) and drone technology to help refine drivers' skills and improve the fan experience at races.

Specifically, drivers participating in and fans watching the Ferrari Challenge North America series will see Intel's technology first hand. Ferrari Challenge is a customer racing series for owners of Ferrari 488 models.

The partnership includes Intel-powered AI and drones that will help racers become better drivers in real time and augment the broadcast experience. Machine learning will produce real-time data that will allow drivers to adjust steering angle, braking, throttle, and more on the fly and potentially shave precious seconds from lap times.

The AI may also find areas ripe for subtle changes that humans can miss to ensure a better vehicle setup or driver's technique.

Enhanced perspectives during the race are also possible. For example, the AI can create comparisons of two drivers for a story line or it can track various drivers lap-to-lap to compare entry and exit corner angles and determine which produce the fastest times. 

Intel's technology will provide a more immersive experience for spectators. The AI will crunch enormous amounts of data in real time to provide greater insights into the race and show aerial footage captured via the drones. The drone-powered broadcasts will begin this year as part of the three-year-long partnership.

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