Porsche has seen tremendous transformation over decades of operation. Arguably, it faces another new challenge: the era of electric cars. The brand isn't worried, however, and chief financial officer Lutz Meschke believes Porsche will set its own standards and thrive as it always has in the coming wave of electrification, according to an interview published by Automotive News Europe (subscription required) last Wednesday.

Right now, the brand maintains a healthy 15-percent operating margin. Investments for electric cars and associated electrification technology, however, are often expensive. Meschke said it is possible his brand will see some loss of profits in the short run. With those investments will come rewards, the executive suggests.

He acknowledged Porsche must spend more to develop electrified powertrains alongside its traditional internal-combustion engines. When the electric car market blooms, though, Porsche will be well positioned. It also knows a thing or two about mass-producing vehicles.

Porsche's electrified future began with the second-generation Panamera 4 E-Hybrid, though its first all-electric car isn't too far off. The production version of the Mission E concept promises a range of over 300 miles and ultra-fast charging technology.

Porsche installed a 350-kilowatt prototype fast-charging station earlier this year in Berlin, Germany, and said the station will deliver an 80-percent battery charge in just 15 minutes.

Many automakers will vie for superiority in the automobile's next era, but at this point, it remains anyone's game. Porsche, should it have its way, wants a game-set-match situation.


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