Massively modified yet still street-driven cars are a wild element in the world of high-horsepower straight-line road rockets.

These cars have horsepower figures measured out with four digits thanks to strengthened engine components, reworked ECUs, and typically a pair of massive turbochargers. One such car is the Ford GT of Johnny Bohmer, and its owner plans to push it unto uncharted territory.

No street-legal car has entered the realm of 300 mph. Cars like the Hennessey Venom GT, Bugatti Veyron and Chiron, and a number of Koenigseggs can all get close. Modified street-legal cars have been inching their way there as well. Bohmer plans to kick the door down and roll on through in his Ford which is called the BADDGT.

Bohmer uploaded a video of a test run in the car, which was pointed down the runway at Florida Space Port. There he can be seen reaching a speed of 292.9 mph. That's 470 kph, for our non-Imperial friends. It's fast, and Bohmer believes he can go quite a bit faster.

The goal is 300 mph. Bohmer already believes that 315 is possible. We will all find out when Johnny and the BADDGT line up at a very long runway to give it a go. It's set to go down sometime before the end of the year, so stay tuned because a new threshold for a street-legal car could soon be set.