Pegaso is a Spanish company that built trucks, buses, and armored vehicles. It had done so from its founding in 1946 through 1994, the year truckmaker Iveco took over the company.

In the 1950s, though, Pegaso built another, very different kind of vehicle. It was called the Z-102, a lovely sports car that proved to be lightning-quick for its day. The one in the video above is in rough shape, but it will almost certainly be worth a million bucks sometime in the future.

Tom Cotter is the host of "Barn Find Hunter," and he's on a mission to uncover cool cars hiding beneath years of dust and neglect. He's the perfect man for the job and has written a fair number of books on this very subject. Road trips take Cotter searching out forgotten nooks and crannies of discarded parts piles to find the diamonds in the rough.

The show uncovered one such find with this Pegaso when it was brought to his attention. The 1952 Pegaso Z-102 is the 35th car of an 85-car run. This specific car has been sitting in the same garage since the 1970s, but its family owners are going to restore it—and they have most of the parts they need.

A superb example of the Z-102 at auction a few years back went for around $800,000. The one here should fetch around a million when it's completed, Cotter suggests. It's a heck of a rare sight to see, and it's even nicer to hear it will get the love it deserves. 


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