This is gasoline versus electricity. This is V-12 wail versus motor hum. This is a Lamborghini Aventador SV facing down a pair of Teslas on a quarter-mile dragstrip. First up is a Model X and then comes a Model S. It's a battle of about $150,000 versus well over $500,000. Unfortunately the owner of the $500,000 car is going to lose to one of them.

Both Teslas in question here are P100D models. That means they're the Ludicrous Mode-having, all-wheel-drive versions that can rocket away from a standing start. The 100-kwh capacity battery works with a pair of motors to propel these vehicles from 0-60 mph in well under three seconds. Each of the Teslas puts out 588-horsepower and a mammoth 920 pound-feet of torque, but they weigh considerably more than the Italian supercar.

Meanwhile, the Aventador SV boasts a 6.5-liter V-12 engine that cranks out 739 horsepower, and it sends that power to all four wheels.

As you can see in the video, all of the Lambo's power isn't enough to overcome a poor reaction time against its first competitor, the Model X. It's not far behind, and in fact it's rapidly gaining on the Model X in the video, losing by only 0.05 second. You'll note that the Lamborghini has a quicker elapsed time of 11.281 seconds and a higher trap speed of 129.38 mph versus 11.418 seconds and 117.95 mph for the Tesla, but the Lambo driver's reaction time out of the gate is much worse. All the Tesla driver has to do was stomp the throttle and hold on for the win.

By the way, that 11.418 was a new sport utility record for the track.

The tables are turned in the second race, which pits the Lambo versus a Model S. This time the Lambo gets the holeshot and wins despite the slower time. 

The Lambo actually runs better, putting up an 11.164 ET at 129.08 mph, while the Model S rips off a 10.947 ET at 119.71 mph. The issue for the Tesla driver? A reaction time almost four tenths of a second slower than the Lambo's. That's how you lose a race while going two tenths of a second quicker.

The point of all this? The Tesla Model S and X in their P100D form are seriously quick cars. You can put them up against a half-a-million-dollar supercar on a dragstrip, and they can win, given the right driver. And they can break into the 10s!

That's ludicrous.


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