The era of 4-figure-horsepower cars is upon us. It's a wild time and the power wars have yet to show signs of slowing.

We've got 700-horsepower Porsche 911s, 700-horsepower Dodge sedans, and 1,000-plus-horsepower hypercars. If you want a little more than that, you can head to a shop like Hennessey's and eke out even more go-juice. As the owner of this particular Dodge Challenge Hellcat has done, for instance.

It's fitted with the package Hennessey refers to as the HPE1000. That number signifies the horsepower developed at the crank. At the wheels, we're dealing with a rear-wheel-drive car putting 863 horsepower to the ground. There's 770 pound-feet of torque ready to be unleashed, and it comes on very early in the rev range.

Of course, you could just go out and buy a Dodge Demon to get close to these power numbers. But we imagine Hennessey and his team already have a few modifications in mind for that wicked machine as well. Could there be a Dodge Demon HPE1500 on the horizon? We wouldn't be surprised... in fact, we're sort of expecting it.

That street-legal drag rocket is a front-wheel-lifting exercise in glorious absurdity. That's also what Hennessey turns out in his Texas shop, so the two would be a match made in tuning heaven.