It wouldn't be a new Tesla vehicle without the addition of some quirky and fun Easter eggs. The Silicon Valley automaker is often known for adding a few surprises with new software updates, and the brand-new 2017 Tesla Model 3 is no different.

Video from Steve Jurvetson, published to Green Car Reports, details the three Easter eggs hiding in the Tesla Model 3's menu and they're pretty cool if we might say so. If Jurvetson's name sounds familiar, it's because he not only sits on Tesla's board of directors, he also owns the very first Tesla Model S. Naturally, he was one of the first to also own a Model 3.

As Jurvetson shows in the video, pulling up the "About Your Tesla" menu and waiting a moment unlocks a secondary screen on the dashboard's 15-inch touchscreen. From there, it shows three options: "More Cowbell," a coloring book icon, and a third icon depicting the planet Mars.

2018 Tesla Model 3

2018 Tesla Model 3

Jurvetson first dives straight into the Mars icon, which quickly transforms the Model 3's navigation screen into a top-down view of the planet Mars. As the Model 3 moves, it shows a Mars Curiosity rover crawling across the rocky, red planet.

Pulling up the coloring book icon opens a screen for drivers and passengers to scribble notes and draw works of art with their fingers on the touchscreen. It's unknown if the notes can actually be saved or forwarded to a smartphone, but it's neat nonetheless.

Unfortunately, we don't get to see what "More Cowbell" actually does, since Jurvetson skips this Easter egg in his video. It's a reference to the famed Blue Öyster Cult sketch from "Saturday Night Live." We're sure it is completely unnecessary, but it's likely good for a laugh or two.