Ford enthusiasts and Bronco lovers alike are eagerly anticipating the return of the nameplate.

Ford promises its bucking Bronco will once again be ready for off-road duty in 2020. However, what to do in the three years until then?

How about a restored version of the classic Ford Bronco like the beauty shown here? In fact, this 1976 Bronco isn't just a complete restoration project, it's also a little bit of a resto-mod, too.

Velocity Restorations is responsible for many incredible Bronco restorations but also has a hand in dozens of other car and truck restoration projects. The Bronco happens to be one of the cooler projects taken on by the company.

It features a 5.0-liter V-8 borrowed from the Ford Mustang GT, with the engine hand fitted with Velocity Restorations' own billet aluminum pulley and accessory system. This allows the customer to further customize the design and specifications.

Elsewhere, Velocity Restorations takes a modern-meets-yesteryear kind of approach. Inside, the interior is finished with modern materials, though thankfully the style still retains the classic feel. It's a great looking ride and doesn't feel overly retro.

Every single component of this Bronco build was hand-picked before its hand-assembly at the company's facility. The price? $179,900. Not cheap, but if classic looks and modern thrills are on the shopping list, we're not sure what else may fulfill such requirements.