Alright, so it can't really fly, but it comes pretty darn close after executing a massive jump.

Eduard Nikolaev, the driver for Team Kamaz Master, has already shown he has impressive skills, but he decided to test his rally truck ahead of the Silk Way Rally in some extreme conditions.

Somewhere in the frigid, snowy covered hills of Russia, Nikolaev put his Kamaz Dakar rally truck and his new Continental tires to work. It's a tough job moving 10 tons of mass, but 1,000 horsepower and good tires are one way to handle it. The truck was able to accelerate past speeds of 100 mph, despite the snow and slush-covered terrain. When Nikolaev does take on the massive snow jump, he was able to take the truck 98 feet through the air and pulled an intense 12 g of force in the process.

“For our Kamaz-4326, these conditions are very similar to driving on the sands of South America or Africa and for the team this is great training in the skills of driving on the coming ‘silk’ dunes,” Nikolaev explained.

The truck must be up to snuff ahead of the Silk Way Rally. As the name implies, it's a journey through Russia, Kazakhstan and China. Nikolaev and the truck will cover over 5,900 miles in the rally and encounter various conditions along the way. If this video says anything, he's ready for it.