Lifestyles of the rich and the famous. We wouldn't know about it, but Jamie Foxx exhibits the exact kind of behavior we expect. Case in point: he's turned his Bugatti Veyron into rolling gold.

Foxx Instagrammed a photo of himself standing next to his all-gold supercar and it really is all gold everything. From what we can make out, the only pieces that haven't been refinished in gold are the front grille, center wheel cap area, and the door handles. Besides that, his Veyron sports the golden Wonka bar look.

Foxx didn't say how the finish was done, but vinyl wrap is more than likely. The Veyron already gets plenty of neck turns, but the gold wrap is asking for everyone's attention.

Foxx's Veyron hasn't always been gold, though. Earlier this year, he posted another photo of himself with the car and it sported its original blue and black color scheme.

Design and styling is subjective, but the original paintwork is much more flattering on the supercar. But, in the end it all boils down to the whole rich and famous thing again.

On another note, maybe it's time Foxx splurges for a Bugatti Chiron. Veyrons are so last decade.