The Porsche 917 is one of the most iconic race cars to have ever set rubber on a racetrack. Its power, prowess, and capability are recognized to this day. Its flat-12-cylinder powered the 917 to victory at the 1970 and 1971 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Today, we have a bit of engine porn for Porsche and race car lovers alike.

California-based Canepa recently disassembled and restored a Porsche 917 engine and documented the entire rebuild process. Thanks to the magic of time-lapse, it's viewable in less than four minutes. In the video above, the block, cylinders, head, and everything in between are slowly, but surely, taken apart, restored, and pieced back together at a lightning-fast pace. The exotic engine begins to really come back together around the three-minute mark.

Canepa doesn't say how long the project actually took—time-lapses can make things looks way too easy—but we'd assume this was quite a process, especially with a delicacy such as a Porsche flat-12 engine that could be tuned to produce 1,580 horsepower.

For as long as there are enthusiasts, companies like Canepa will keep on keeping on. In fact, another company by the name of Icon Engineering plans to sell replica Porsche 917 race cars. Icon Engineering has spared no expense in recreating the car, either. The company will build a replica to original race car spec, or engineer it to be slightly more manageable in everyday use.

Few can afford to spoil ourselves with that kind of treat, but we can all appreciate the care and engineering that went into the 917's engine and into the restoration featured in this video.