Brian Deegan may be an off-road racer, but he has a domestic life, too. In this fanciful video, his daughter Hallie informs him that it's time to do some yard work, which isn't really something that Brian is in the mood for. After an especially wet spit-take, he unleashes his own brand of "yard work" and he does it with the help of his Pro-2 racing truck.

Your average pusher lawnmower makes around five horsepower. Deegan's Ford Pro-2 race truck cranks out 850 horsepower. It's good that Brian has all of that power, though, because he's got a lot of ground to cover in his "yard." Apparently, he also has a lot of air to cover.

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Brian originally rose to fame with exploits of the two-wheeled variety. As a founding member of the Metal Mullisha, Deegan helped pioneer the world of Freestyle Motocross. From there, he has kept his hands and feet busy with all manner of vehicular hooliganism. You can find him tearing up a Global Rallycross course or getting dirty with his truck.

Some of the jumps Brian is hitting in the video above are what we'd certify as truly insane. There's serious air between his tires and the ground below. This is the best example of yard work that we've seen, and we look forward to more backyard truck-nanigans in the future.


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