Amazon is tapping into the love of motorsport. The company's Prime streaming service has announced it will debut a new documentary series that revolves around the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans titled, "Le Mans: Racing Is Everything."

The documentary series will be aired exclusively on Amazon and is currently in production with leadership from London-based New Black Films, Emmy Award-nominated director James Erskine, and producer Victoria Gregory. Amazon says the series will explore the "Mount Everest of motorsports" and take viewers through the historic lineage of the motorsport event that has been a part of France and the automotive world at large since 1923.

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Porsche, Audi, Nissan, Aston Martin, Toyota, and other automakers are said to be a part of the series, which will look closer into some of the most iconic race cars over the decades and detail how the teams and cars came to be. The series won't be short on driver talent, either.

Featured drivers include Australian Formula One legend Mark Webber, German three-time Le Mans winner André Lotterer, and English gamer-turned-racer Jann Mardenborough. Mardenborough earned a spot on Nissan's roster after winning the GT Academy racing competition at the age of 19.

The documentary is slated to debut on June 9. By the looks of the trailer, it will likely be a can't-miss for motorsport junkies.