Porsche has decided to honor its best-known model with a new online video magazine for all things related to the German sports car brand: 9:11.

This latest venture is already in addition to the brand’s customer print magazine, Christophorus, and its “Top 5” YouTube series, but 9:11 includes online-only content straight from Porsche itself.

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The brand has taken specifically to video production for an extensive look through the attributes that define what Porsche is—and where it has been. 9:11 is funded entirely by Porsche, so there's no advertising. 

The first episode, titled "Courage," starts off detailing two-time world champion rally driver Walter Röhr’s experience behind the wheel of some of the most ferocious cars the brand has ever made. The episode quickly moves into “courageous” color choices for its cars and caps things off with the courage to simply do everything differently, including the brand’s transaxle era. 

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The second episode, titled "Pure," focuses exclusively on the channel’s title name: the 911. The purity surrounding the inception of one of the world’s most iconic sports cars makes for a wonderful journey through the development of the 911 and how it has planted itself as an expression of driving pleasure.

If you think like us, you may have thought, "does each episode have a 9:11 timestamp?" The answer is no, but both episodes curiously end on the 9:29 mark, one digit away from the famed Porsche 928.