Starting back in the mid 1940s, a man named Ed Pink started building engines—masterfully built engines designed for vehicles to go racing.

The Ed Pink Racing Engines enterprise has had a home in Van Nuys, California since 1965 and drag racers all over the world have turned to EPRE for decades.

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There's another customer that shops at Ed Pink Racing, and you might be a bit surprised to hear that these mills are destined to wind up in the back of old German coupes.

Singer, which takes Porsche 911s and re-imagines them into something even more amazing, utilizes the engine building services of EPRE. The team there gets tired old Porsche engines and restores them to a place that would have the original builders wide-eyed in amazement. These are engines that are now cleaner, tighter, and more powerful than when they left the factory many decades ago. They'll need to be if they want to find a home in the back of a Porsche 911 by Singer.

The video above provides a great glimpse into the world of Ed Pink Racing. It was created by Hagerty for a run of videos called "The Craftsmen Series." There are actually a ton of other great videos you'll find on Hagerty's YouTube channel. It's worth a look as there's a little something for all types of car lovers.