Craigslist is a wonderful tool that connects buyers and sellers of all sorts of goods. You can buy everything from a nightstand and a coffee maker to a house and a helicopter. Heck, you can even buy people if you look in the right least for an hour or so. If you're a car enthusiast, it's a great source of parts and a perfect place to spend a few hours scrolling through all of the various listings. One problem you'll find, however, is the same problem you find in all areas of life. It's dealing with people.

A video by the mad geniuses at the Car Bros YouTube channel manages to sum up the Craigslist selling experience with a great new clip. It stars Internet Car Buying All-Star Jack Diamond, and he's setting out to show you his method for purchasing a new ride. He thinks everyone is a chump, and he also believes in scamming the seller in as many ways as possible. In short, he's most likely the person on the other end of your Craigslist transaction.

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The car that has captured Jack's eye is a rather clean Fox-body Mustang. The seller appears to have crafted an ad with all of the necessary details. That's not enough for Jack, though, as he has no time for that. He scrolls past all of it to get straight to the phone number. Then he proceeds to ask all of the questions that were already answered in the ad.

Jack runs the buyers through all sorts of hoops, wasting his time in a manner that many Craigslist sellers will recognize.

The video ends with Jack eventually acquiring the car. Just not in the manner you might've expected.

Check it out. It's worth the watch, and you'll get a laugh or two out of it.