The argument of which automaker has the best looking lineup is one that occurs often, and the answer changes over time.

Last week, the hot topic came up again. Punches were thrown, mistakes were made, names were taken, but the brands that had us drawing lines in the sand were Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and Mazda.

Then we decided to bring you into the conversation with a Twitter poll. Our poll ended this morning, and 33 percent of you said Mercedes-Benz has the best looking lineup at the moment.

Jaguar is the runner-up with 24 percent of the votes, and last place goes to Mazda with 18 percent of the votes.

Technology solves many problems, but Twitter made one: we could only offer four suggestions. The catch-all option of "Other" officially took third place with 27 percent the vote, besting Mazda.

Does Mercedes-Benz actually have the best looking lineup at the moment? Sure, according to the majority of you that voted. Members of our team agreed, and we have our favorites: AMG GT, CLS Class, and S Class coupe, but that's today.

We're sure that'll change as automakers evolve their design language. Today it could be Mercedes-Benz, tomorrow it could be Aston Martin, and in 5 years it could be a startup electric automaker such as Lucid.