You probably know both hot-doggers and smooth, skillful drivers. But Noah Forman will put them all to shame.

What could he possibly have done?

Well, first, Forman drives in New York City. For a ride-sharing service. And that was after he switched over from driving a yellow cab. Already that means he knows more about close-quarters driving than most of you.

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And those qualifications likely helped him achieve what for NYC is an unimaginable feat, a pinnacle of either luck or superhuman skill, a sequence mere mortal drivers can only dream about.

Driving through Manhattan, Forman managed to hit an astounding 240 green lights. In a row.

Think about that, folks: driving in some of the country's worst, most aggressive, door-mirror-to-door-mirror, get-outta-my-face traffic, this man was smooth, skillful, and knowledgeable enough to travel through two hundred and forty greens.

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Green lights in the city may last anywhere from 45 to 120 seconds, based on speed limit (the NYC default is now 25 mph) and the DoT's desire to optimize traffic flow (but in which direction?).

In other words, you can't necessarily knock this one off maintaining a steady speed for a few hundred blocks.

The feat came earlier this month, as related by Popular Mechanix. The fast-motion video above shows the whole story in a mere four and a half minutes.

(For those of you who—like Barbie—found math class "hard," that's almost one green light every second.)

Obviously, he did it at night, because ... well, because Manhattan traffic and NYC drivers.

But still ... as the article says: "It's a Manhattan miracle."