It's an argument that comes up time and time again: Which automaker has the best looking lineup?

In an internal discussion, our editorial team brought up three brands quickly: Jaguar, Mazda, and Mercedes-Benz.

Really, you could argue a long list of brands, but Jaguar has been and continues to craft truly beautiful automobiles that evoke passion, best exemplified by the F-Type. Among mainstream brands, Mazda's cars and even its SUVs are stunning. There's also an argument for Mercedes-Benz with a lineup consisting of the gorgeous S-Class, CLS-Class, AMG GT, and SL, though that last one is debatable in its current generation.

We couldn't come to a consensus, so we decided to open the discussion to you, our readers. Thus, our new Twitter poll--embedded below for ease of voting--which gives you the choice of the three aforementioned automakers, plus an "other" category for those who feel differently.

So what say you? Vote above and let us know how you feel about the topic.

Voting "other," or just want to provide reasoning behind your vote? Sound off in the comments below.


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