Harman recently became a part of the Samsung family, and the purveyor of strong car tech is looking to add to its roster of automotive offerings. According to Motor1, that means throwing a ton of cash at a product called Navdy. It's the aftermarket solution for anyone looking to add a head-up display to their ride. The product is for sale now, and Harman has said it will begin offering it to automotive OEMs next month.

More and more vehicles today are offered with the head-up tech, but there are still plenty of automakers that don't offer it, and plenty of new and used cars don't come with it. Navdy fills those voids.

Navdy integrates with both your smartphone and your OBDII port. This means it's tied to all sorts of real-time data from your car while also able to handle your music, phone calls, texts, and GPS-related items. You can wave your hand to answer a call, use the additional rotary dial that mounts on your steering wheel to scroll through your music, and set the system to show you the fastest way to your next appointment.

This type of system is a nice solution for those looking to stay connected while also keeping their eyes on the road ahead. A Navdy system isn't cheap with a starting price of $799, but it adds a ton of functionality into a vehicle for far less than upgrading your entire ride.


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