It's a problem we all find ourselves having so often: which $200,000 supercar should we buy?

While this might sound like the world's most ridiculous first-world problem, it certainly is a large decision. We are in an era where there are quite a few options in that price range when it comes to supercars, and they are vastly different in some regards. Front- or mid-engined? Conventional powertrain or hybrid? Coupe or convertible? There's no shortage when it comes to the type of supercar you can buy.

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In a recent Twitter poll we asked you which $200,000 supercar you would rather buy: the Audi R8 or the Acura NSX.

As you can see by the results above, 66 percent of you voted for the Audi R8 while 34 percent of you voted for the Acura NSX.

While both supercars can push near the $200,000 mark, they go about their business in vastly different ways.

The Audi is a mid-engine, naturally-aspirated V-10 beast with all-wheel drive. The NSX? It also has all-wheel drive, but it's powered by a twin-turbo V-6 working in concert with no less than three electric motors. It's all-wheel drive, but futuristic.

In our recent comparison in which we pitted these two fine machines against each other, the team was divided, but the NSX emerged victorious. Clearly our Twitter poll ended with a different result.

Missed out on the poll? Let us know which of these two supercars you would rather have in the comments below.