Two icons of work have teamed up for a special SEMA-bound pickup: Chevrolet and Carhartt.

Carhartt is a work-wear company that has been in the United States since it was founded in 1889. It started in Detroit as a company set out to build clothes for railroad workers, and it's grown from there. Chevrolet, as you know, is also from Michigan, and the two companies have come together to create a new Silverado set to debut at SEMA.

A custom truck from Chevy and Carhartt is really a match made in heaven. As it says in the video, the Chevy folks are basically selling their wares to the same people that buy from Carhartt. On the outside of the truck, Chevy has added a 20-inch light bar and electrical outlets in the bed. There are 20-inch wheels, because this is still a SEMA vehicle, and the Carbon Flash paint gets a Carhartt gold pinstripe. That paint is also two-tone, with a gloss finish below the beltline and a matte finish above.

Inside, the Silverado gets Carhartt-colored materials on the seats, armrests, and door panel inserts. The seams are also triple-stitched, just like the Carhartt jackets. You'll find Carhartt logos on the inside and outside of the truck as well.

What you won't find is the fact that Carhartt is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan... which is where Ford is based.


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