There's no question that the Fast & Furious universe basically prints money at this point. During the filming of the last installment, Fast 7, the Fast Family took a massive blow with the loss of Paul Walker. Of course, that didn't stop Universal from moving forward with three more films. The latest installment, Fast 8, is wrapping up production now. According to Vin Diesel, it's really good.

How good? He believes it's Oscar worthy. That's big talk for a movie that was once about street racers.

Moviefone reports that Diesel told Entertainment Tonight Fast 8 director F. Gary Gray is "taking the franchise to a new place--a place with Oscars."

He went on to disclose that his character, Dominic Toretto, is conflicted in a way that is really going to shock people. It's apparently dark, compared to other Fast and Furious movies.

So far we've seen Vin Diesel's Dodge Charger for Fast 8, heard Dwayne Johnson go on a rant about his co-stars, learned Charlize Theron, Scott Eastwood, and Helen Mirren will join the cast, Jason Statham will return, part of the movie will take place in Cuba while part will be in New York, and it's sure to feature more ridiculous stunts than ever before.

The first trailer will supposedly blow our mind, and it drops December 11.

Of course, that will just be a taste of how over-the-top Fast 8 will be. We'll have to wait until April 14, 2017 when it hits theaters to truly witness how far they take it this time.