On the list of all-time great muscle cars, the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda owns a spot near the top. The first-generation of the Barracuda was nice, especially with that massive piece of rear glass. But it's the third-generation that cemented the car into the hearts and minds of Mopar and muscle car fans around the globe. A rare single-owner, unrestored example has found its way into Jay Leno's Garage, and its owner comes in singing along with it.

Richard Carpenter has owned the car from day one. That name will be familiar to a number of you, especially if you're a fan of Billboard Hits from the early-to-mid 1970s. Richard is one half of The Carpenters music duo, which also featured his sister.

Carpenter wanted a 'Cuda, but he had yet to really hit it big in his music career. That was just over the horizon, though, so his father signed for the loan on the car. Richard picked a pretty darn good one, too, because this particular 'Cuda is packing that amazing 440-cubic-inch V-8 engine wearing its Six Pack hat.

A Shaker scoop pokes out from the middle of the hood. A Slapstik Torqueflite gearbox sits between the seats because Richard wanted it to be a cruiser. And he's cruised the car to the tune of just over 40,000 miles.

The car is perfect, except we'd prefer to see that 4-speed stick. Regardless, it's a glorious machine with a proud owner.

Like he always does, Jay takes the car for a drive. It goes much better than the tumble he took in the Hurst Hemi Under Glass.