The E39 generation of the BMW 5-Series is one of the all-time great vehicles. It has strong looks, a few great engine options, and it comes from a time when BMW still built cars that could qualify as Ultimate Driving Machines. BMW also built the E39 M5, which was the world's first true super sedan, and in Europe BMW offered the wagon version of that wicked machine. We never got that glorious wagon here in the States, but some delightfully fiendish person has decided to make an even wilder version.

The car above is a 1999 BMW 528iT. It's the Touring model of the aforementioned 5-Series, and it's a great looking longroof. Gone is the 190-horsepower inline 6-cylinder engine. In it's place sits a hulking 7.0-liter LSX V-8 engine that's backed up to a Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed manual gearbox.

This powertrain is good for 493 horsepower and 467 pound-feet of torque at the rear wheels, and it's all backed up with dyno-proven results. If you're looking for a powerful sleeper wagon, this is your new unicorn. I have some good news, too, because it's currently for sale on Bring-A-Trailer.

As of the time of this writing, there are six days left to bid and the high bid sits at $25,000. The auction page shows everything that's right about the car, of which there's a lot, and all of the problems, of which there are few. A downright delicious E39 M5 Nappa Heritage Carmal leather interior has been swapped in, and it pairs rather nicely with the Mojave Brown Metallic paintwork.

Curious as to what the car sounds like? Here you go:

The sound alone is enough to buy it. This car is pure automotive erotica in wagon form, and I wish I had the funds to put it in my own garage because it would be a no-brainer. 


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