Congratulations to Jason on his 500th Engineering Explained video.

The series has been wonderful in the way it presents technical concepts and brings them down to a language that most of us can comprehend and understand. For his 500th video, Jason is trying to figure out which automaker makes the best engine.

He says this is based on arguments and discussions that arise from the comments section on his videos. Some simply go by the figures presented by specific outputs, namely horsepower generated per liter. Jason takes this much further by calculating the correction needed for volumetric efficiencies, if the engines were naturally aspirated, and a whole bunch of other math.

He starts with the math but then shares all of his data for a number of different types of engines. These range from a Subaru STI up to super cars, hyper cars, a top fuel dragster, and even a Formula One car from 2006. He's using the adjusted figure he developed in the beginning part of the video that accounts for the aforementioned discrepancies.

He doesn't have the compression ratio for the final three on the list, but he can still extract some interesting figures for all of the cars. This is exactly why we like this channel. Someone else does the math, and we learn something along the way.