The 2016 Paris auto show is nearly here to kick off auto show season! Don't get too excited, though, because it seems like a number of automakers aren't exactly thrilled about it either. According to Bloomberg, a surprising number of automakers are staying home—manufacturers both large and small.

Here's a look at who won't be showing off in the City of Light next week.

  • Ford plans to keep its latest wares at home, which is certainly the most visible blow to the show's roster.
  • Rolls-Royce is following suit as well. 
  • Now comes word from Reuters that both Bentley and Lamborghini will be keeping their well-heeled feet on their respective home turf. 
  • Aston Martin has chosen to forgo a stand at the Paris show.
  • Volvo is in the middle of a major product resurgence, but it won't be showing off anything in Paris. 
The Paris show is considered the world's longest-running automotive salon, and it dates back to 1898 when engineer pioneer Albert de Dion inaugurated the first expo.

It seems that the cost of attending every motoring show on the planet has caused automakers to pause and reflect on why they're going to a given show. Additionally, there are many new avenues to getting product in front of the faces (and wallets) of potential customers. A lovely thing called "The Internet" has given folks immediate access to almost every facet of the products being created and brought to market.

The problem, automakers have said, is that in-market consumers aren't all that inclined to go to car shows these days. 

Still, we hope this trend doesn't continue to all of our favorite shows. There's something wonderful about walking up to a brand new model for the first time. Running your hands along the fenders. Smelling the fresh interior. Wringing your hands on the steering wheel, and then picturing yourself blasting down your favorite road in that new machine.

An auto show lets you touch, see, smell, and imagine what's possible with a car in a way that the Internet can't. Auto shows might be suffering... but they're not dead yet.

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