Rallycross racer and gymkhana king Ken Block is at it again. Today on Instagram he teased the ninth installment in the Gymkhana series that started almost a decade ago.

That first video was titled "Gymkhana Testing and Practice," and was run on Block's own site. It went viral and taxed the capacities of his private server. 

Automakers liked the publicity it drew, and their sponsorship dollars allowed Block to quit his job as a marketing executive at DC Shoes and pursue a racing career full time. Seven other videos have followed, each receiving millions of views and now it's time for a ninth.

Ken Block, 2016 G3PR World Rallycross race, August 2016

Ken Block, 2016 G3PR World Rallycross race, August 2016

Block's post features a short video clip with highlights from the full-length video as well as the following text from the man himself: "Gymkhana NINE: raw action, danger, and the first time the Ford Focus RSRX has ever been driven in anger outside of a racetrack. AWESOME. Launching next Tuesday, September 13th! #GymkhanaNINE."

As Block indicates, the video will feature his Ford Focus RS RX Rallycross car. Thanks to an eagle-eyed Instagram user, we learned a couple weeks ago that the location will most likely be Buffalo, New York. "Gymkana Eight" was shot in Dubai. It came out in March, so Block is wasting no time making another. 

Stay tuned here. When the video goes live, likely on the website of Block's sponsor Ford Motor Company [NYSE: F], we will be sure to run it.