When someone who used to work for BMW's M engineering division switches to a new automaker, you know they're going to bring some passion for going fast along with them. That's clearly what's happening now that former BMW M boss Albert Biermann is helming the development of the Hyundai N performance brand. We've seen plenty of spy shots of the forthcoming Hyundai i30 N, and now comes word that there could be a version aimed at serious hot hatch enthusiasts.

When it launches, the i30 N (which is basically a hotted up version of the next Elantra GT) should come packing around 255 horsepower by way of a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 engine. According to Autocar, it could also boast a limited-slip differential that would help sort out the power sent to the front wheels.

Biermann reportedly sees much more possibility from this new engine, though, as it's apparently capable of larger power figures. It's clear the car would need to switch to an all-wheel-drive setup if power figures were truly pushed into the 300- or even 400-horsepower range.

Hyundai isn't ready to commit to that just yet, but it's paying attention to what Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] is doing with the Focus RS. If the demand is there, specifically from the Hyundai customer base, then the automaker would certainly have to consider creating such a car.

After all, why make a performance brand if you're not going to push the envelope a little bit? Biermann must've figured that N is one better than M, so we wouldn't be surprised if he tried to make that a reality.