One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, if you're passionate about driving, is a driving school. You'll have a great time learning driving skills, and those skills could even save your life down the road. Occasionally, an automaker offers you the chance to attend such a school when you purchase one of its high-performance machines. Such is now the case with Fiat and it's Abarth offerings.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is tapping into its relationship with Bondurant Racing School to create the Abarth Track Experience. Bondurant and Dodge have already joined forces to help you learn how to properly handle your Viper or other SRT vehicle. Now it's time for Fiat buyers to join in on the fun.

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If you purchase a new 124 Spider Abarth or 500 Abarth, you'll be able to attend a one-day session free of charge. At the track, Bondurant instructors will teach you how to properly drive your machine by running your through skid, slalom, autocross, team rallycross, and hot lap instructions. 

If you like the experience, you can extend it with an optional second day. This will feature a road rally portion, where guests will participate in a drive that runs between 180 and 220 miles through Arizona's scenic roads. There will be a coffee break, a private lunch, and then a return to the track.

So if you were thinking about buying a new Abarth product, perhaps it's time to also pack your bags for Arizona. That way you'll be ready to properly exercise your new machine after your trip.


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