Bugatti has yet to go the way of the other hypercar makers of the world. By that, I mean no electron-drinking motors and banks of laptop batteries are installed to aid in the creation of tremendous power.

The Bugatti Chiron, the French automaker's latest insane machine, is powered by a W-16 engine aided by a quartet of turbochargers. It's an 8.0-liter mill that generates 1,480 horsepower and 1,106 pound-feet of torque. Even with all that power, Bugattis of the future will probably need to produce more, and that means we'll probably see a hybrid Bugatti down the road.

According to Bugatti boss Wolfgang Dürheimer, the new Chiron will have a life span of eight years. That means the Chiron replacement is already in development, and you know those engineers are already dreaming of bigger and better ways to make power for the brand's super sleds.

Speaking to Autocar, Dürheimer said that the Bugatti team was able to achieve its power goals without resorting to electrification. To do this, 95 percent of the engine components are all new. In order to reach even further into the horsepower and torque well, Bugatti knows it'll have to examine the addition of hybrid components.

Still, Bugatti being Bugatti, the boss man has stated that this move would be purely for amplification of power and performance and would not be used for tootling around town under electric-only power. I don't see how that's necessarily a bad thing, but perhaps the Bugatti demographic thinks otherwise.