Would you be willing to pilot a Nissan GT-R modified to put out 2,000 horsepower? How would you feel at speeds exceeding 200 mph? And what would you do if it all started to go wrong during braking from a speed run?

One lucky fellow with Team Insanity Racing had the guts to find out all of the above in the team's Switzer Goliath X GT-R. Outfitted with massive turbos, this car can churn out 2,000 horses. That's great for speed runs, but not when you loose control.

In this video, we see that our hero is building up to something big. Using low pressure turbo settings, he takes one standing half-mile pass with perhaps 1,500 horsepower on tap. That goes just fine.

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Then, the team ups to the boost to a medium setting, cranking horsepower to 1,750. The run goes fine and the speed hits 218.02 mph, but it all goes wrong when it's time to slow the car down. Once the driver gets on the brakes, the GT-R takes a hard left turn and rolls. Our highly skilled cameraman takes this opportunity to zoom out so we miss most of the action.

However, we do see footage from an in-car camera, and we find out that the driver is fine. Back to an exterior shot and we see that that car is beat up but not in the type of shape it would have been had it rolled at more than 200 mph. We're guessing the speed was well under 100 mph when the stuff hit the fan, and maybe under 50.

Thankfully, nobody got hurt and the Team Insanity guys aren't deterred. They plan to run again with the goal of hitting 225 mph. They probably would have accomplished their goal running full boost on this day had the car not crashed.


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