Jason Bourne is back for, we assume, more vengeance against the CIA. This means a bit of globe-trotting, little talking, and tons of fantastic on-screen action. To shoot such scenes requires a lot of work, as the Bourne series has always been praised for using practical effects over CGI.

The team behind the film took the chance to upload some behind-the-scenes b-roll, and a portion of it shows just how much work goes into filming the chase scenes.

Our friends at Jalopnik point out that the real action starts around the two minute mark. You can see a few crash takes showing a SWAT van hammering into some cars. Eventually though, you come upon POV footage that shows a camera car chasing an on-screen Dodge Charger. The Charger and the camera dance together through traffic, and the result is sure to look absolutely insane through the lens of that rather expensive camera.

Those camera vehicles are typically operated by teams of three or more. You have the actual driver of the vehicle, and he or she is joined by a person operating the boom and someone watching the camera. Also, a director occasionally hops in to keep an eye on the shots as well. It's a well-orchestrated and planned stunt, but there's certainly plenty of inherent danger. It all makes for great on-screen action, but we find the behind the scenes stuff nearly as interesting and engaging.


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