This week, Jay Leno welcomes to his popular web series one of the most iconic grand touring cars of the 1960s and 1970s: The Lamborghini Espada.

Notable for its outlandish shape that really ushered in a new era for wedge-styled supercars, the Espada may not be the quintessential Lamborghini, but, at the time, it was the most popular to ever emerge from Sant'Agata Bolognese. More than 1,200 were made, a figure not surpassed until the Lamborghini many still consider to be the ultimate expression of the brand: The Countach.

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The Espada that Jay Leno checks out isn't actually a guest vehicle. It came from his private collection. He bought it in 1986 and it was his only car and daily driver for several years. It is a 1969 model, meaning it was one of the first made, and it has been treated to a cosmetic restoration.

If you ever wondered what it takes to boost a somewhat neglected Lamborghini to driver-plus status, you'll find out. It doesn't appear to be for the faint of heart. Jay gives us a terrific glimpse into this particular Espada's past, and how that relates to its current condition. 

One thing that surprises us a bit is that the Espada has a modern radio in it, not a period-correct Becker unit like we would generally expect to see in a car worth upward of $100,000. Like other Leno cars, it also has a Vintage Air air conditioner and plenty of Dynamat. It's not completely stock, but it is a very livable car and we don't see Jay ever selling it.


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