BMW says its M Laptimer app will now allow users to control a GoPro camera via the company's iDrive controller and infotainment screen.

When users start up the M Laptimer, they'll also automatically activate their GoPro camera (as long as it is connected via an iOS device). Turning the M Laptimer app off will also deactivate the GoPro.

The system will also record a low-resolution version of whatever the GoPro captures and store it on the users' iOS device in order to be played back next to the M Laptimer's map view screen.

Users will also be able to turn their GoPro camera on and off remotely using the car's infotainment system. Playback controls will also be integrated directly into the infotainment screen.

The integration launches this summer. A GoPro tab will appear on the M Laptimer app within the car's iDrive system.

The M Laptimer app launched a few years ago to help BMW drivers make the most of their on-track driving.

And GoPro integration with cars are now quite common. BMW and Mini started offering GoPro integration on its cars last year. Toyota, meanwhile, even includes a GoPro mount on some of its pickups.


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